Major Functions

The articles referred to for examination in the Laboratory can broadly be classified under the following categories:

1. Articles suspected to be stained with blood in murder cases
2. Articles suspected to be stained with semen in sexual offence.
3. Viscera, Stomach wash, blood, vomit and other material objects in Human Poisoning cases.
4. Articles involved in animal poisoning cases.
5. Illicit arrack, wash, foreign liquor etc. under the Abkari Act.
6. Samples of toddy and foreign liquor collected from licensed shops to check adulteration.
7. Opium, ganja, brown sugar, heroin, cocaine, drugs etc. under the Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985.
8. Samples of blood and urine collected from persons involved in cases of drunkenness.
9. Miscellaneous articles such as:

(a) Explosives, Petrol, Kerosene, Diesel oil, Gold, Foreign liquors, Palm oil etc. (b) Wort and Beer from Breweries under Brewery Rule.

(c) Foreign Liquor, Rectified Spirit, Molasses, Spent wash, denaturants, denatured spirit etc. from distilleries.

(d) Indian made foreign liquors for Bureau of Indian Standard Specification.

In forwarding the material objects to this Laboratory, the judicial Officers, Medical Officers, Excise and Police Officers have to observe the rules contained in the Kerala Chemico-Legal Examination Rules issued in G.O.(MS) No.624.Home dated 18th August, 1959 as amended from time to time.