Toxicology Division

In this division, pot-mortem materials in suspected human poisoning and unnatural death cases are examined for finding cause of death in such cases. The samples like viscera collected during post-mortem, blood and other biological materials such as Stomach Wash, Urine, Vomit collected from the persons undergoing treatment for poisoning and skeletal remains in exhumation cases forwarded by the Medical Officers of Government Hospitals, Police Surgeons, investigating officers and courts are examined for identification and estimation of poisons. Similarly the specimens of Animal poisoning cases forwarded by the Veterinary Doctors are also examined in this division for detection of poisons. Blood and Urine samples collected by the medical officers in drunkenness and motor traffic accident cases are also examined in this division for ascertaining blood and urine alcohol level.

Human Poisoning Cases In the Toxicology Division 3552 cases of viscera comprising of 11666 articles were analysed during the year 2017-18.

  • Animal Poisoning Cases 31 cases comprising of 262 items were examined during this year.
  • Cases of Drunkenness 171 cases comprising of 257 items were analysed under this head.