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Serology Division

Various articles like bloodstained clothes, weapons, stains of other body fluids etc. involved in murder cases are examined for the detection and identification of the origin of blood and blood group in this division. The articles like clothes, hair,vaginal swabs, and other biological materials involved in rape and other sexual offences cases are also examined in this division for the presence of semen and spermatozoa. The articles requiring comparison of hair, fibre, soil etc. involved in murder and sexual offence cases are examined in this division. The work carried out in this division during the year under report is given below.

   Articles involved in Murder cases A total of 278 cases comprising of 1070 articles were examined under            this head during 2013-14.

   Articles involved in Rape and other Sexual Offence A total of 1539 cases involving 6509 articles were                disposed off under this head during the year 2013-14.