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Excise Division

Articles involved in Abkari cases are examined and reports furnished to various courts for trial of abkari offences. The liquor samples collected from licensed shops are also examined in this division for detection of adulteration. Liquor samples from distillery and blending units are also examined in this division. A total of 20,220 cases comprising of 65,069 articles were examined under this category

during 2013-14.


Tinctures and other Medicinal preparation sunder the M & TP Act are also examined in the Excise Division. The Chemical Examiner to Government is declared as the competent authority to assay the tinctures manufactured in the various Pharmaceuticals in the State and to certify the percentage of Ethyl Alcohol present in them. During the year, 62cases comprising of 724 samples were examined and reports forwarded to the Board of Revenue. Since the medicinal preparations can be released only after the receipt of the report of chemical analysis, the assay of the samples was carried out with least possible delay.